Recovery Bars

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Recovery Drank (6x330ml)

In elke portie Vifit Sport High Protein Recovery Drink zit 20 gram proteïne. Speciaal gemaakt om je spieren te ondersteunen na het sporten.

Recovery Drinks

Recovery Shake (350 of 875gr)

Elke portie bevat 20 gram eiwit. Deze 20 gram proteïnen ondersteunen je spieren na het sporten. Naast proteïne zit er in Vifit Sport Recovery Shake ook vitamine D, kalium, magnesium en van nature calcium.

Bundle Deals

Package deal

Recovery Reep (12x55gr)

The Vifit Sport High Protein Recovery bars are a delicious way to add protein to your recovery regime. With 20g of protein per bar and 3 delicious flavours, you're in for a treat.
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