Article 1 General
1. These Terms of Use (hereafter: "Conditions of Use") apply to the Vifit Sport Free sample application (hereinafter: the "Action") which is FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Europe BV, established and based in Amersfoort, Stationsplein 4, 3818LE (hereinafter " FrieslandCampina ") organizes from Thursday, May 4, 6:00 pm (2017) and with Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 23:59 (hereinafter: the" Action Period ").
2. Participants in the Action Declare by participating in the Action agree to the Terms of Use
3. FrieslandCampina reserves the right at all times to terminate, suspend or modify the Action, Unilaterally and without prior notice, and / or change the Terms and / or Action Products / Prices if circumstances warrant , without being held liable for any damages to the participants
4. Questions and / or complaints regarding this Action may be addressed to FrieslandCampina Consumer Service, Fax Number 390, 3800 VB Amersfoort, telephone number: 0800-0765 (free of charge, working days between 9.00 and 17.00), via the website or via a private message on the Facebook page of Vifit Sport ( 

Article 2 Mode of play
The action works as follows: After leaving your data, you will receive a free Vifit Sport High Protein Recovery Bar within 2 business days. Participants can choose from the flavors Lemon Yogurt, Cranberry & Peach Yogurt.

Article 3 Prices / Action Products
1. Participants receive a free Vifit Sport High Protein Recovery Bar
2. A participant can participate once in the Action. A home address can be requested
3. Note this action will apply while stocks last. Op = Op
4. The free sample is personal. FrieslandCampina will not honor participants' requests to trade their products, transfer them to third parties, or exchange for money or for other prices / items of equal / comparable value. In the case of a refusal of a sample by a participant, or in case of another reason for non-payment of a sample attributable to the participant, this will expire to FrieslandCampina. 
6. FrieslandCampina will not correspond to the action products, their distribution, and the outcome of the Action.

Article 4 Participation
1. Participation in this Action is open to anyone who lives in the Netherlands during the action period
2. Participants under 16 years of age by their participation have obtained written consent of one parent (s) for their participation in the Action. Participants will show this permission in writing at Friesland Campina's first request
3. There are no communication costs attached to this Action
4. FrieslandCampina may disqualify and / or exclude any participant if the participant in any way violates these Terms of Use (or suspected of FrieslandCampina), or incomplete, incorrect, or misleading information, or submits information that is in violation of the law or otherwise acts illegally against FrieslandCampina or third parties. 

Article 5 Use data 
1. FrieslandCampina will treat all personal information that it obtains under this Action in a confidential manner and in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.
2. Participation in the Action allows the participant FrieslandCampina to use his personal data for communication under the Action, such as (but not limited to) informing participants.
3. The NAW data provided by participants is collected by FrieslandCampina. 

Article 6 Liability 
1. FrieslandCampina, its assistants and / or third parties, are not liable for any damage arising out of or in any other way related to the Action and / or the action products / prices offered by FrieslandCampina.
2. Despite the greatest possible care that FrieslandCampina spends on managing its website (s) and the organization of the action, it may be that the information provided and / or displayed is incomplete or incorrect. Press, spell, mistakes or other similar mistakes in FrieslandCampina's published material, of any kind, FrieslandCampina can not be opposed and can not in any way create an obligation for FrieslandCampina.

Article 7 Final provisions
The brand Campina of FrieslandCampina is a registered trademark of FrieslandCampina. The Participant will not reproduce or publish these Terms of Use or parts thereof without the express prior permission of FrieslandCampina. 

Article 8 Miscellaneous
1. Under these conditions, Dutch law shall apply

Version: May 3, 2017