Why Recovery matters?

Why is after sports recovery so important and what role does the protein play to help you reduce those aches and pains?

Muscle retention, recovery and growth 

You know the feeling – running that last kilometre just a little faster, pushing it on the final sprint, doing those 10 extra push-ups. That does something to your muscles. Any intensive workout leaves tiny tears in your muscles. In fact, what you’re really doing is damaging your muscles a little bit. Don’t worry – that’s entirely normal, and is all part of working out. By taking time to recover and taking care of your muscles after your workout, the damage heals and your muscles become stronger. That means after a real workout, it’s time for the recovery phase to allow your muscles to repair. 

Protein after training

The more intensive your workout, the more important it is to make recovery part of your programme, so that you retain and increase your muscle mass. Research has shown that your muscles have the most capacity for recovery in the first two hours after exercise, and particularly within the first 30 minutes. And research has also shown that 20g of protein is the optimum amount for your recovery phase. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle. This is why every portion of Vifit Sport High Protein contains 20g of protein.

Why recover? 

To give you an idea of what your recovery really means, we’re going to show you the things your body needs during the recovery phase.  

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