VUELTa 2018: Stef CLEMENT with the preview


‘Maybe the course is harder than ‘The Tour De France’‘

We’ve asked Stef Clement to share his experience with us around ‘The Vuelta’. Stef rode this ‘Grand Tour’ six times already and for him it is one of the hardest ! High hills, hot weather condition…to resist along the 3 weeks an important aspect is : nutrition. During the tour, the riders have a nutritional plan designed by their nutritionist ‘Nancy Van Der Burg’. They should drink & eat accordingly in order to refuel their energy, recover fast & be ready for the next stage.

Together with Stef Clement, Robert Gesink, Koen Bouwman & the nutritionist of the team, we co-developed a Vifit Sport Energy range (gels, bars, powders) entirely tailormade for the team. The riders wanted a product which is easy to consume : not too thick, easy to swallow, not too intense or too sweet. In the end, they are the ones who will consume those products multiple times all along the season so they better like it ! If they don’t, there is a risk they do not meet their required nutritional intake.


Stef expect the riders to go for the ‘fresh summer fruity flavor’ during The Vuelta.


With good nutrition in hand, Stef foresees that ‘the team can create the same situation as the Tour de France when they had two guys in the Top 10 helping each other and get a stage win from that position’.