Jos van Emden

Age: 32
Nationality: Dutch
Member of team Lotto Jumbo: 2015 – 2018
Type of rider: all rounder, time trial-list

Jos van Emden

Jos became a cycling enthusiastic when seeing the professional riders on television. He decided he needed to get on a bike himself, and then never got off again! An outstanding time trial-list, he made it to the ‘hot seat’ during the time trial of the 2015 Tour de France.

When it comes to food, if it were just down to him, Jos would serve mussels or an Italian meal for dinner. When he’s got some spare time off, he enjoys hanging out on a terrace, enjoying some drinks and watching the world go by. 

Every top athlete has his goals.  For Jos, the ultimate goal is to be a professional cyclist as long as possible and to decide for himself if he will continue racing or not, instead of being forced to stop.