Gijs Van Hoecke

Age: 26
Nationality: Belgium
Member of team Lotto Jumbo: 2017 – 2018
Type of rider: all rounder, sprinter

Gijs Van Hoecke

After five years of cycling in the training team in Flanders, Gijs joined Team Lotto Jumbo this year. For Gijs, riding for Team Lotto Jumbo gives him the opportunity to develop his talents in the classic tours and to contribute to the sprint team. He started cycling just for fun but his talent for racing materialized in his early teens and his career started to flourish. 

Even though he is not riding in Belgium anymore, Gijs still likes to return to his roots and train in the Flemish Ardennes whenever he can. The beautiful scenery, together with the good company of his team mates, motivates him to train as hard as he can.

Every top athlete has his goals.  For Gijs, the ultimate goal is to get a top finish in a Flemish Classic race,  Tour of Flanders, or Paris-Roubaix in particular