Vifit Sports' 10 minutes with... STEF CLEMENT 

Stef Clement is one of the most experienced riders of the team. He was delighted with his homecoming to the team after 2 years away last season. And this year? Stef helped to develop the new Vifit Sport Energy range! What he thinks is important in sports nutrition? If the team is happy with the results? And how it feels to be one of the most experienced riders? Vifit Sport had the chance to talk with him!

As one of the more experienced riders in pro-cycling, do you sometimes feel like a mentor for the younger riders?
“Yes I do. I appreciated and learned from the older riders when I was the youngster and they passed on their experience and advise.  I enjoy passing on my experience to those who are willing to take it on. It is a part of teamwork, making each other better.”

Equally, what is the weirdest/funniest/most adorable question you’ve ever got from one of the younger riders?
“One of my former team-mates as a neo pro pulled out of opening day at a stage race at the beginning of his first season. As soon as he got to the hotel, he started talking about his chances to win the next day. Somehow he did not know that he was not allowed to start anymore...!”

You’ve helped Vifit Sport developing the new energy range (bars & gels), what are things which are really important for you to be in a sports nutrition product like this?
“I have no knowledge about how sports nutrition is to be made and what would be the ideal nutritional composition, but I do know how important it is to have products you WANT to and CAN eat and drink all day, all season long. Our contribution was more about the taste, consistency and packaging to develop a 'rider-friendly' product.” 

Equally, what did the team think of your development skills? Are they happy with the end results?
“It is always challenging to speak up for the whole group. The matter of taste is very personal. Together with the guys at Vifit Sport we created a range of products where so far all the team can find something to his personal preferences and needs. The results of the team show that the composition delivers the much needed energy!”
Now some questions about races.. what is your favourite classic or race? 
“I am not so much of a one-day race specialist. The races I like best are the Grand Tours (Giro, Tour, Vuelta).”

What is the toughest climb in the pro-tour? 
The Monte Zoncolan in Italy is for me the absolute 'Black Beast' with over 10km more than 11,5% average of climbing.”

What is your least favourite part of being a pro-cyclist?
“As the years go by training alone in the winter in the Netherlands becomes mentally harder.”
What’s your scariest moment to date on a bike?
“Unfortunately I had to witness three times a mortal accident during a race. One colleague, one policeman on a motorbike and one spectator lost their lives.” 

When going on tour for a race, which object cannot be missing in your suitcase?
“Wherever I go I have a little fruit knife. I discovered that when I have one on me, I tend to each much more fruit.”
Last but not least.. what would win in a fight between the left leg of Dylan and a bear? 
“Are we talking Koala Bear or big brown bear?!”

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