Vifit Sports' 10 minutes with... NEILSON POWLESS

Only 21 years old and already an pro-cylist in Team LottoNL-Jumbo: Neilson Powless! . How he deals with being one of the youngest and if he ever tasted a "bitterbal"? Vifit Sport asked him!

1. As one of the youngest riders in pro-cycling, who do you look up to?
“I look up to my teammates and my teams’ staff. At some point you have to become your own role model, but right now I’m trying to learn as much as possible from the people I have around me.”

2. Equally, who bosses you around?
I wouldn’t say anyone “bosses” me around. I’ve always been given the impression we are on the same level, trying to accomplish the same goals.”

3. Born in California, but now living in Girona, similar climates but who makes the best food?
“The climate in California is probably a bit more consistent. But Girona definitely has the better food.”

4. In addition, have you ever heard about the “bitterbal” and if yes, please share your first thoughts on this food item! If not.. when are you planning to try it?
“Yes! I first tried a bitterbal near our team house in Belgium last October. I thought they were delicious. A bit dangerous to have so close to a cycling team house.”

5. A bit more serious now.. Where is your favourite place to race so far?
“I really love racing in the Alps. When you’re fit, it’s beautiful. When you’re not fit, you’re still riding in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

6. Do you have any racing rituals you’d like to share with us?
“Nothing. I try to keep it pretty simple.”

7. Do you have a kind of a superstition for race-day? If yes.. may we know what this is?
“Nope. I’ve won races with the number 13 on my back. And I didn’t even turn it upside down.”

8. Now, some final questions to get to know you even a bit more; at what age did you ride a bicycle for the first time?
“I can’t really remember the first time I rode a bike. I was probably 2 or 3 riding around the neighborhood. I’ve always raced on a bike through triathlons or mountain biking. Road cycling was a transition I made about 4 years ago.”

9. What was your biggest dream when you were 5 years old (or something near that age)?
“I wanted to win a gold medal for the mile in the olympics when I was younger. Though, once I started road cycling, I started to think about the Olympic road race.”

10. Who is your favourite sportsmen of all time?
“Louis Zamperini!”

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