Vuelta 2018

Interview Sepp Kuss

Speed Interview with La Vuelta rider: Sepp Kuss

La Vuelta has started! Vifit Sport sat down with the cyclists from our partner, team Jumbo Visma, that will take the challenge in Spain. In this series of speed interviews, you will get to know the riders a little bit better. Today we sat down with Sepp Kuss.

As a younger member of the team, what is the best lesson you learned from your more experienced teammates?

"The most important things I’ve learned are what moments to be alert and at the front, and what moments to stay calm."

What is your favorite part of racing on the road instead of mountain biking?

"I like the team aspect of road racing. Road racing is also sometimes more unpredictable with terrain, weather, and tactics."

Is there a difference between the cycling style in the US and Europe?

"In the US, the racing is more relaxed and all riders and teams know each other. In Europe the racing is more aggressive and technical. Both styles I like a lot, but they are very different."

What is the secret to your great performance in Utah?

"I was able to go home to Colorado, ride my mountain bike and spend time with friends and family. I trained very hard, but I was really enjoying myself on/off the bike, which is most important."

What was the best moment in the tour of Utah?

"The best moment in the Tour of Utah was the after-race barbecue with all of the team and staff. Everyone gave their best effort the whole week and it was a really nice, relaxed group to be around. Celebrating the team victory with them in the end was a big highlight."

Do you have any tips for other people who are starting with cycling?

"When you are young, just have fun, practice your skills, and do lots of other sports besides cycling. The hard training and focus can come later."

What are you hoping to learn from La Vuelta?

"I hope to learn how to manage my energy for three weeks of racing. Luckily, we have Steven and George who are very experienced, so learning from them and helping in the mountains will be a huge opportunity."

How does it feel to be American in a mostly European team?

"It is a totally new experience for me, but I am learning a lot about Dutch culture and I think the guys are learning a bit about American culture – and maybe some new food combinations for the offseason! It is really fun."

Being born in Colorado, are you more ‘Nuggets’ or ‘Broncos’?

"I am more of a Colorado Avalanche (NHL ice hockey team) fan, actually! I grew up playing ice hockey so I am a big fan of the home team."

What do you like to eat after an intense training session?

"I usually have a Vifit Sport protein shake and then a nice sandwich with lots of toppings."