Speed Interview with La Vuelta rider: Lars Boom

La Vuelta has started! Vifit Sport sat down with the cyclists from our partner, team Jumbo Visma, that will take the challenge in Spain. In this series of speed interviews, you will get to know the riders a little bit better. Today we sat down with Lars Boom.

How do you combine family life and cycling?

"It is not a great combination, so it is quite hard to manage. I try to do what I can, when I can. For example, by bringing my kids to school."

Would you like to see one of your daughters become a pro-cyclist one day?

"No, not necessarily. It would be nice if they would try it once, but they should do what they like. They are both taking dance classes now and they are having a lot of fun."

As a father of two daughters, how many times did you watch ‘Frozen’?

"I do not know how many times, but it has been on TV in the house very often!"

How is your dog ‘Jumbo’ doing?

"Good! He is sleeping now. Since he is getting a little older he is starting to be more calm."

How does it feel to have your brother being the official cook of the team?

"It is quite nice, it makes it easier to be gone from home a little longer."

How have your preparations for La Vuelta been after your surgery?

"It took a long time before I was back to a good level, but I have reached that now. Training with the team in Austria went well, but resting is also important during preparations."

What are your goals for La Vuelta?

"I want to give good support during the sprints, help George Bennett and Steven Kruijswijk and try to pick a stage where I can break away."

What is your greatest memory from your cycling career so far?

"I have multiple good memories. Of course the friendships, the various champions jerseys I won, but of course also the stage I won in the Tour de France in 2014."

What or who is your biggest motivation?

"The children and my wife -  I want to make them proud and show them everything is still going very well."

What have you learned from riding in different teams?

"Mostly that you cannot do it alone. Of course you have your team around you – not only staff but also other riders – and you need them as well."