Vuelta 2018

Interview George Bennet

Speed Interview with La Vuelta rider: George Bennett

La Vuelta has started! Vifit Sport sat down with the cyclists from our partner, team Jumbo Visma, that will take the challenge in Spain. In this series of speed interviews, you will get to know the riders a little bit better. Today we sat down with George Bennett.

How do people react when you come back home to New Zealand?

"Cycling is not big in the main stream back home. It is not like I come home to a big fuss, like some pros might in cycling crazy countries. People just treat me the same as they have since I was young and I prefer it that way. Nelson is a pretty small place and I know a lot of people there. I’m lucky that when I go home they do not care if I win or lose bike races, they just are supportive and carry on as normal which is great!"

What do you miss the most about New Zealand?

"Family, I have been living away from home for 10 years and miss a lot. Nephews and nieces growing up and just the little things with my mates and family back home."

How do you make the perfect kiwi burger?

"Half a cow, extra grease, T-sauce."

Are you more ‘All Blacks’ or ‘Black Caps’?

"Depends on the season. Nothing beats getting behind the All Blacks, but it would be hard to miss a New Zealand summer of cricket." 

How do you deal with the different cultures in the team?

"We have an overwhelming Dutch culture with a few other foreign riders, I think being surrounded by it makes me feel even more Kiwi and celebrates the fact we have very different ways of living. Differences make life interesting." 

What is, according to you, the strangest tradition your Dutch team members have?

"Eating dinner at 5pm." 

How do you stay relaxed?

"Music, books and podcasts can take me far away from a bike race."

What is the greatest adventure you have been on?

"I guess the one I am currently living. Leaving home at 18 years old with a bike in a box to try and become a professional cyclist."

We have heard you are fan of music, what is your favorite tune of the moment?

"That is an impossible question but I have got 'the last waltz' playing in the background at this moment, so maybe something off that album from The Band." 

As a classification rider, what do you envy or admire in Steven Kruijswijk?

"Those shoulders, he could have played some good rugby with those weapons."