Speed Interview with La Vuelta rider: Floris de Tier

La Vuelta has started! Vifit Sport sat down with the cyclists from our partner, teamJumbo Visma, that will take the challenge in Spain. In this series of speed interviews, you will get to know the riders a little bit better. Today we sat down with Floris de Tier.

At what age did you start cycling?

"I started cycling when I was 16."

What did it take you to become a pro-cyclist?

"Talent and hard work."

What is important in training to become a better climber?

"Climbing as much as possible."

How did you experience your first big tour?

"It was a wonderful experience – I look forward to this edition."

As a pro cyclist, do you still get to enjoy Belgian waffles?

"One cannot hurt!"

What would you be doing if you were not a pro cyclist?

"That is a difficult question, for the time being I do the best job there is."

What is the best weather to cycle in?

"Sun and 20 degrees."

What fries do you prefer – French fries or Belgian fries?

"Belgian fries are the best of course!"

If you had to eat one dish every day, for every meal, for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

"Steak with fries."