Tips to get stronger

Personal trainer Gerben Hierck shares his favourite tips!
How do I gradually build strength?
‘If you want to get a little bit stronger each time, it’ll certainly help you to keep track of your workouts and track your progress. I recommend that you always bring a pen and notebook with you when you’re heading to the gym. If you prefer, you can also use a laptop, phone or other device to record your results. This will allow you to compare your workouts each time. If you want to measure this even more precisely, you can also set sub-goals or make a point of repeating certain workout routines. These are all smart ways to check and find out whether all your efforts are really paying off. If you track your results, you will see exactly how many extra meters you’ve clocked up, extra kilos you’ve bench-pressed, and that it took you a minute less than last time to cycle around the block. This is guaranteed to give you an instant lift, even more so if you take time to celebrate each milestone. Give yourself the credit you deserve and stay motivated! This will also encourage you to improve your mental strength.’

What can inspire you to improve your performance? 

‘This tends to vary depending on the individual – what’s good for you might be completely wrong for someone else, and vice versa. Do you simply want to get fitter, tone up, or stay toned? Run the New York City Marathon? Break your personal record? Make some real lifestyle changes so you will feel healthier? Are you doing it primarily for your kids? 
No matter what your personal motivation might be, you can’t go wrong if you set clear goals for yourself! It will help you to stay intrinsically motivated to put in that extra little bit of effort, to push that little bit further and find the resources within to improve your performance.’