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Tips to improve your stamina

Personal trainer Gerben Hierck shares his favourite tips!
As an expert in exercise and movement patterns, Gerben creates successful fitness plans and helps his clients to manage their exercise routines. He would be glad to help you improve your stamina, strength and speed and achieve your personal goals. He’s sharing his favourite tips with us today for improving your stamina.

How can I improve my stamina?

‘If you’d like to get more out of your workouts and build your stamina quicker and with better results, I have no fewer than five excellent tips to share with you that can help you to reach your goal more effectively. 
Tip 1: Stop doing random exercises and start making a real workout plan that will help you to gradually get fitter and that allows you to track your progress. 
Tip 2: Instead of focusing on your workout alone, you should make sure to spend enough time resting and recovering. More exercise is not necessarily better! 
Tip 3: Keep thinking about what you’re doing. Do not focus only on improving your strength, but your speed and stamina as well if this is appropriate for your particular sport. 
Tip 4: Keep in mind why you’re doing it. Why do you work out? What drives you? For whom are you doing it? Discover your inherent motivation to stick to an exercise routine and make a little bit of progress each time.
Tip 5: While it might seem like I’m stating the obvious: be sure to keep hydrated, eat a healthy, nutritious diet and... give yourself time to recover. Relax whenever you can. And I’ll throw in an extra tip for good measure: keep it fun. You should enjoy exercising and feel good about your positive results. Be proud to exercise – and smile while you’re doing it!

Does a good post-workout recovery help you to improve your stamina?

‘Absolutely! In fact, if you don’t give yourself time to properly recover your workouts are going to be a lot less effective. Keep in mind that every workout takes its toll on your body and requires that you take time to pick yourself up again. If you follow these rules, you will improve your overall stamina and will be ready to go – stronger and faster – next time you’re working out. So you should take your time and give your body the break it needs. You’ve given it your all and you deserve it! Your well-rested body is sure to reward you for your investment during your next workout session. Recovery is the difference between simply wearing yourself out and genuinely improving your performance and strength. 
So focus on your post-workout recovery and the rest will take care of itself!