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A personal trainer can help you reach your goal

Personal trainer Gerben Hierck shares his favourite tips!
As an expert in exercise and movement patterns, Gerben creates successful fitness plans and helps his clients to manage their exercise routines. He would be glad to help you improve your stamina, strength and speed and achieve your personal goals. Today he explains what role a personal trainer can play in reaching your goal.

What are the main benefits of having a personal trainer?

‘There are quite a few. But I should start by listing the three main benefits, the ones that can actually help you achieve excellent results. So...what can a personal trainer really do for you?
Benefit 1: They can help you to identify realistic goals, so that you can work towards an attainable yet challenging goal together with a greater sense of enjoyment and more energy.
Benefit 2: Your personal trainer will work closely with you to schedule the most suitable workouts at the right time. This means that each workout, each weight you lift and each metre you run will actually help you to achieve your target. You’ll find that your workouts will improve, becoming more effective and efficient. The third benefit is that your personal trainer can motivate you when you’re feeling down, can’t catch a break or are simply having a bad day. In this case, the key is to keep going, to persist and not give up!’

Personal trainer tips for your personal life.

‘I’ll start with the most important tip of all: get off the couch and get out the door! We’re all really good at procrastination and making excuses for why this is not the right time and so on, and why we’ll really start exercising next January. But if you’re looking to really achieve results, the best thing is to get up and start right away. Make a start today and who knows where it might take you!
Tip 2: Ready to start working out and improving your body? Be sure to pack a post-workout recovery drink or nutritious snack for afterwards. This is the best way to avoid giving in to all those tempting but unhealthy treats at the supermarket. And my last tip before I sign off: keep investing in yourself. Make exercise a priority – especially if you have a busy life. 
Set gym time aside in your diary, including time for recovery, and get a little closer to becoming the proudest, fittest version of you with each workout!’