Tips for Goal Setting

Personal trainer Gerben Hierck shares his favourite tips!
As an expert in exercise and movement patterns, Gerben creates successful fitness plans and helps his clients to manage their exercise routines. He would be glad to help you improve your stamina, strength and speed and achieve your personal goals. He’s sharing his favourite tips with us today for setting and achieving your goal.

What goal should I set for myself? 

‘If you really want to be more goal-oriented in your workouts, I recommend that you set a clear end goal for yourself. That way, you remember why you’re exercising in the first place, and you can make progress by setting medium-term goals. You will achieve more results that way and have more fun getting fit. The thing is, how can you define your goals more clearly? It can help to try to answer the following questions: What would be your dream goal? What do you consider the ultimate challenge? Also: what do you want to do and what are you capable of? Keep in mind that with the right building blocks, motivation and exercise regimen, you can achieve almost any goal. But while it’s good to be optimistic, you also need to be realistic. Think carefully about where you are now, before you decide to pursue a particular goal. That way, you’ll know exactly what to work on and will be able to decide how often you want to, should, and can exercise. If you’re starting to get really clear on what you’d like to achieve, congratulations – you’re one step closer to becoming your faster and fitter self!

How do you create a solid exercise plan?

‘So you’ve set a goal for yourself? That’s great! Your next step should be to make a clear-cut time plan, which will serve as your personal action plan you can use to gradually work towards your end goal. Also, remember to include sub-goals and evaluations in your schedule. You can use these to determine whether your exercise routine is successful and what areas might be improved. This way, you can intervene strategically where necessary and make changes in time as needed. And the great thing about repeating and evaluating is that you can keep celebrating your medium-term goals and positive results! You’ll know you’re on the right track and will stay motivated. This will bring your overall goal closer each time. Don’t set the bar too high, but find a workout routine that works for you. You’ll find out sooner that way what approach and what regimen suits you best. Another tip is to mix it up and try something new every once in a while. For example, do you like to work out with a partner, or more than one person? Or do you prefer to do things at your own speed? 
Any number of things can help you to further refine your action plan, because what works best for you remains a personal journey of discovery. 

You can also work this out together with a personal trainer. The most important thing is that you do things your way, so you can get the very best out of yourself!’