We asked Emma a few questions about what makes her tick....
What does it take to be an Ironman athlete?
Desire and dedication. I believe almost anyone can complete and Ironman with these 2 things.
Why does this sport give you a “rush”?
It’s one of the most testing sports on the planet so when success is achieved it is all the more rewarding.
What’s your worst injury? And what did you do to recover?
I’ve had to have surgery on both of my iliac arteries as they were damaged and closing over from cycling. This involved surgery through the stomach muscles and patching some vein from my shin onto the artery. Recovery was slow and I had to be very patient!
What’s the highest point in your sporting career so far?
Returning to the Hawaiian Ironman World Championship (Kona) podium in 2015
What is your ambition for 2018?
To perform at my best in Kona.
What’s your best recovery advice for after training? And after a race?
Correct fuelling, getting the right nutrition in a soon as possible is key. Taking a good amount of rest after a race is important, I think too many people rush back to training.
What’s your favorite food?
Croissants and chocolate.
What do you do mentally to prepare for an Ironman event?
Remind myself I’ve done it before and also, a few days before the race, I like to mentally run through the race and most scenarios in my head. This helps me to relax into the race without overthinking it.
What does a typical training week look like for you?
20-25km of swimming made up from 5 sessions
300-500km of cycling (depending on which phase I am in) including long rides, intense trainer rides, recovery rides and time trials.
60-70km of running made up of long steady runs, treadmill runs, track sessions and running off the bike
2 x 1 hour strength, core and stretching sessions

What part of the training / sport do you love most?
Racing and everything that goes with it - the travel, the taper, seeing friends, feeling physically good and rested, performing to my best, the excitement and anticipation before the race and the sweet relief and joy after a good performance.
And hate most?
The depths of tiredness in an Ironman training block when none of the sessions feel good anymore and you don’t think you can train any more but you have a 7hour training day on the schedule!! And the chafe!
How can we, as Vifit Sport, best support you?
Supply with the best nutritional products and information to back it up. Knowing the products are batch tested and safe to use.
What’s the best character / personality trait about you? What would your fans love most about you?
I hope I am caring, personable and have time for everyone.