We asked Emma a few questions about what makes her tick....
What does it take to be an Ironman athlete?
I think the main ingredient is passion for the sport, a passion to push yourself and work on your weaknesses’s because it’s a long, multidiscipline sport so super tough but the harder something is the more rewarding it is 
Why does this sport give you a “rush”?
I think because you can just push your body to a whole new level. You can really push your limits and hurt like no other sport because you can train so much more for it. The rush comes for me when crossing the line with nothing more left to give.
What’s your worst injury? And what did you do to recover?
When I was a runner I had knee surgery at the age of 18 and that was what first got me into triathlon. My first rehab consisted of one legged rowing when I was still on crutches but then I progressed to swimming and cycling and it opened a whole new world of sport for me! Every cloud!
What’s the highest point in your sporting career so far?
I think coming 2nd this year at the world 70.3 would have to be my highlight so far because I felt like we really progressed this year and it was a chance to repay everyone who have helped me so much, supported and believed in me and all the hard work was more than worth it.
What is your ambition for 2018?
I am looking forward to doing my first ironman and aiming to defend my world 70.3 podium placing
What’s your best recovery advice for after training? And after a race?
After training I always make sure I have protein within 20mins after finishing, I think this along with a good diet, good sleep and plenty of stretching works wonders. After a race I love yoga and light training the following day, keeping the body lightly moving I think really aids recovery.
What’s your favorite food?
It has to be my mums fruit cake! The biggest layer of icing you will ever see, my mum is amazing at baking, she was legendary in the running world for it!
What do you do mentally to prepare for an Ironman event?
I am terrible at sitting still so I need to keep my mind super busy and my coach is very good at giving me little projects to work on for coaching that make me sit down and rest the body and keep the brain alive!
Who’s your best training partner and why?
2012 olympian Stuart Hayes is the worlds greatest training partner, he always looks after me, paces me, motivates me and is entertaining, we have some good laughs and debates on long rides! He is also my coaches husband and they are like parents to me.
What does a typical training week look like for you?
A typical week for me would be key swims Monday, weds and Friday, long rides Monday and Wednesday, brick session Saturday and long bike to run Sunday. In and around that I do steady runs and swims, I have one day off legs and one day off arms usually but it totally depends what block of training we are in.
What part of the training / sport do you love most? And hate most?
I love my long runs, especially if im in the sun, I can just stick on my headphones and I feel free and like I could run forever, my own little zone having a rave! Probably my least favourite session would be swim sprints, im pretty useless at that!
How can we, as Vifit Sport, best support you?
With the perfect recovery products so allow me to go from key session to key session and back up training without getting ill or injured.
What’s the best character / personality trait about you? What would your fans love most about you?
I would like to say that I give 100% and I will do everything to the best of my ability, whatever happens I will never cross that line having any more to give!