Vifit Sports' 10 minutes with... Ronnie Schildknecht!

Ronnie Schildknecht, born in 1979, is a real IRONMAN. Upcoming July he gets the chance to win the Ironman in Zurich for the 10th time! This would absolutely be a historical performance. Vifit Sport had the chance to talk with Ronnie and ask him a few questions about his secrets... 

"Ronnie, already winning so much Ironman races is such an achievement! Therefore we would love to ask you some questions about your secrets.. When you want to keep things secret, just state: secret! - ;)"

1. Participating in Ironman’s must take you lots of hard training sessions. What is your secret to keep trainings fun/engaging?  
"For a hard training session I try to be a bit fresher than usual and I try to be mentally prepared to suffer. I would say the mental part is crucial. For the fun I am using a training partner who can push me or I ride a race on Zwift. The longer I do triathlon the more I have to come up with new way’s to get the maximum out of me and get out of my comfort zone."

2. In addition, what is your secret to keep yourself motivated every time?
"The easiest way to be motivated is to have a personal goal and working towards it. Also it helps if I have a few short term goal as it is hard to train a year ahead. Fours weeks is a good short term goal."

3. Rest and recovery must be of great importance while training for an Ironman, what is your secret do get the best night of sleep? 
"After a hard day I always have a protein shake (no carbs) right before bed and I try to be in bed at 11 at the latest. I need 8 hours of sleep or after a hard one 9 hours."

4. Furthermore, what is your secret to recover as well as possible?  
"That is simple. Best thing after a hard training is a Vifit Sport recovey shake right away. It makes a huge difference in my recovery time."

5. I can imagine that participating in an Ironman must be nerve wrecking at the start or in days before... What is your secret to cope with nerves? Or do you secretly don’t have any nerves?

"I do have nerves of course, but I try to focus on what great sessions I have done in training. Ironman is nothing different than a long training day where a stop watch is running."

6. When you were young, you wanted to become a professional tennis player.. What do you secretly prefer most: tennis or triathlon (and why)?
"I play tennis once a week and it’s the perfect balance to triathlon. Honestly:  I would love to be a pro tennis player as well ( - ; "

7. What do you secretly hate most about being an IRONMAN? Or aren’t there any things you hate about it?
"I hate the early start times in Ironman. If you could choose I would start at 10 so I could sleep a bit longer."

8. If you did not become a professional athlete (so no tennis, no triathlon), what did you secretly wanted to be right now?
"I would love to be a pro hockey player in the NHL. Preferably in a Canadian team. I love ice hockey!"