The road to Kona - Interview with Maurice Clavel

Vifit Sport is a proud partner of the BMC-Vifit Sport pro triathlon team. Seven out of eight athletes of the team qualified for the Ironman world championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. We spoke the athletes about their preparations and expectations for the race. 

During the training camp in Lanzarote, you told us that your main goal for this year was to qualify for Ironman Kona for the first time. You made it, congrats! How does it feel?

“Oh yes, it was. I’m very thankful to have qualified - no doubt, it’s a great feeling!”

Did you have a strategy in place to make this happen?

At Ironman South Africa, where I qualified, I was just looking for a good and solid race and not thinking about the qualification. My strategy was to put all energy in this race and to focus on a good result.”

Did you change/adapt anything compared to last year?

“It was my second long distance triathlon so far, so I focused more on nutrition and on pacing. All with the focus of gaining more and more experience in Ironman racing.”

What is your favorite part of an Ironman; swimming, cycling or running and why?

“I definitely like the bike part very much! I like the speed, the dynamics and the excitement of going really fast when you are in aero mode.”

An Ironman race last 8 to 9 hours. What is your ‘secret’ to stay focus & make it until the end?

“Just to focus on every step on the run. During the bike, I have some moments where I am thinking about other things, but just for 2-3 seconds, then I’m focusing back on the race situation. For most part, I’m just in this race mode, it is almost like to a kind of tunnel, fully focused on the race.”

How nervous do you think you will be at D-day on a scale of 0–10?


What is the first thing you think you will do when you finish?

“Sitting down and trying to relax a bit.”

What is the first thing you think you will eat after your performance?

“Some easy to digest, salty things :).”

Who is the first person you think you will call after the race?

My wife!”

Do you reward yourself after such a performance and if so, what is your ultimate reward?

“Oh, difficult question. Rewards to myself is not what I like… Okay, maybe some really nice food. But I’m much happier if a can do something for my family!”