Kickstart your 2019... again!

You know the drill, the start of the new year seems a century ago and so are the good intentions that you really wanted to keep going this year. A shame? Ah, maybe it was a bit to be expected. But good news: luckily it is never too late to start again, to keep up your intentions this time and to achieve your goals. But how do you accomplish that? We give you tips to give 2019 another KICKSTART!

TIP 1: Set a goal for yourself and not for someone else

The first and maybe most important tip: set a goal mainly because you want it yourself and not because you think someone else wants or expects this from you. Intrinsic motivation (motivation that comes from you) works best, so that you are going to maintain your intentions this year.

Tip 2: Set achievable goals

An intention to grow 10 kilos of muscle mass within a month might be a bit enthusiastic. This goal is practically not feasible, so the chances that you will continue to work towards this goal (working out like crazy) will probably become very small. Set goals that are realistic. Create goals that might be difficult, but feasible. Start small, finish big ;)

Tip 3: Make your intentions measurable

The intention to work out more often? Great plan! But do not forget to clearly describe your purpose clearly. For example, "I am going to work out twice a week at the gym and walk once a week". In this way your intention is measurable, which increases the chance that you will actually fulfill it.

Tip 4: See your intention as a guideline, not as a law

Are your intentions to eat healthier? Remember you will not fail if you eat a portion of fries over the weekend. Approach your intention as a guideline and not as a strict law. Because the latter could make the persistence of plans much more difficult than they really are!

Tip 5: Do not have too many intentions

You can also exaggerate making new goals. If you have 17 intentions, the chances of fulfilling them all are not that likely. Perhaps this is even so much, that you will not be able to achieve even one of them. My advice? Set 1 to 3 intentions, this is clear and definitely feasible!

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Author: Monique van de Velde, on behalf of Vifit Sport
Date: 29/01/2019


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