5 tips to stay active during the holidays

Tip 1: Get up an hour earlier

Enjoying a long sleep on a cold Christmas morning is great. But if you really want to exercise and have a busy Christmas day ahead, get up an hour earlier! Do your workout before your X-mas breakfast or brunch and you’ll start your day top-fit!

Tip 2: Drag the family along for a Christmas walk

Spending a whole day sitting with your family around the Christmas tree? Of course that will not burn your Christmas dinner. What will? A good Christmas walk! Take your family along and enjoy a winter walk together. This way you are still spending time together while staying active in the meantime. A win-win situation!

Tip 3: Do a HIIT-workout

Minimal time, maximal result: a HITT-Workout! This is a training at high intensity (high heart rate). Because the intensity is so high, you only have to sweat for 20 minutes to a half an hour to finish a pretty hard workout. 

Tip 4: Come up with a Christmas-challenge with the family

Are you really spending all day with family and getting up earlier or having a walk is not an option? Then come up with a nice Christmas challenge for the whole family (the ones who are in for this course)! Every time someone eats a Christmas cookie he / she has to complete a sporting challenge. 20 squats per cookie? 

Tip 5: Put on your running shoes to the bakery or supermarket

Forgot the baking oil? Or should the fresh croissants still be picked up at the bakery? Offer to pick it up and put on your running shoes! No fuss with finding a parking spot, quick at your destination while also finish your Christmas workout. Yes, Santa will be proud of you! J


Author: Monique van de Velde, on behalf of Vifit Sport

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