4x why you should watch your fluid intake in winter!

It is generally well-known that you should drink well during your workout on a hot summer day. But did you know that drinking well during your workout in winter is just as important? Research shows that the risk of dehydration in the winter is often even greater compared to summer. We give you 4 reasons why you should watch your fluid intake in the winter!

1. You lose moisture through breathing on cold days

In winter, we lose more moisture through breathing than in the summer. The reason for this is that cold dry air we breathe in needs to be warmed up and moistened in our throat and lungs. This water will leave our body when exhaling. During exercise the loss of water through breathing increases even more, because you will breath more often and inhale more deeply. Good reason for taking in an extra glass of water! Breathing through your nose is also a good way to limit the loss of moisture a bit. 

2. We urinate more often in the winter

If it is strange that you have to go to the bathroom much more often in the winter to pee? No! Because of the cold, blood vessels in our body constrict a little. This is important to maintain a proper core temperature in our body. But, this also means that your body will excrete some more fluids to achieve this. The result is that you have to go to the toilet more often and thus lose more fluids via urine when weather is cold. This increases the chance of dehydration.

3. The thirst stimulus is delayed

Despite the fact that we lose a fair amount of moisture in the winter, we are not always aware of both the loss itself, as well as the fact that this needs to be replenished. The thirst stimulus tends to be less in winter than in summer. Keeping our core temperature warm has priority for our body and keeping an eye on fluid balance is therefore slightly on the background. This makes our body a little fooled that it is well hydrated, while this does not always have to be the case. This results in an absence of thirst stimulus, while you actually can use a few large gulps of water. 

4. Sweating will be less noticed

Because of the cold you will notice less quickly that you are warm and the probably many layers of clothing conceal the sloshing armpits that remind you of sweating. In addition, cold air is drier than warm air, which ensures that moisture is absorbed faster in the air. This, in combination with the fact that the fluids you lose will evaporate almost immediately before it even has the chance to drip from your forehead, causes us to lose more sweat unnoticed than noticed. Reason enough to pay attention and keep on drinking, even if it is cold!

Drinking well during your workout in winter is thus of great importance. But did you know that also what you drink exactly has an impact on your hydration? Research shows that skimmed milk is re-hydrating better than simply water. Vifit Sport Ready to Drinks, made of 53% skimmed milk, are therefore a suitable alternative to contribute to your re-hydration and recovery!

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Date: 04/12/2018
Author: Monique van de Velde, on behalf of Vifit Sport

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