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Vifit Sport Protein Water is a NEW refreshing drink which is developed to maximize after sports recovery. An easy to use format with 4 important benefits:


Our Hypotonic Protein Water can help increase the rate of re-hydration after training and sport. It is enhanced with minerals such as sodium & potassium essential to replenish since lost in sweat during intense exercise. 

20g Protein per Bottle

Each bottle delivers the optimal 20 grams of protein, sourced from fast absorbing, low lactose Whey Protein Isolate and is enriched with vitamins B6 & D3. This ultra premium product is the perfect solution for total after sports recovery.

Low Sugar

Vifit Sport Protein Water has been scientifically developed to maximize recovery after sports. Delivering easily absorbable carbohydrates in the form of naturally occurring sugars (<2.5g per 100ml) aids muscle glycogen replenishment and enhances overall recovery

No artificial sweeteners, no preservatives and only natural flavorings!

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