Vifit Sport is proud to announce it has struck-up a partnership with leading Pro Triathlon Team BMC. The collaboration sees Vifit Sport join Swiss cycling manufacturer BMC as the naming partners of the new ‘BMC-Vifit Sport’ Pro triathlon team which will begin its 3-year partnership in January 2018. Vifit Sport will be the team’s nutritional partner throughout this period and the official press-release was made today at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. 

The performance partnership will see Vifit Sport join the pro team for 3 years, offering performance and nutritional support to the BMC-Vifit Sport triathlon team (which encompasses over 8 professional athletes). The goal of the partnership is to fuel the team to victory in the coveted Ironman World Championships in Kona and the ambition is to nurture and develop the wider talent pool into regular race winners around the world in both Ironman and Olympic races. Pro tri-athletes spend up to 40 hours per week training and so the Vifit Sport team will work with the athletes to help them better understand the impact of recovery nutrition on their sports performance.  

With Global audiences of Ironman and Triathlon races topping 500 million and races staged on every continent around the globe, the triathlon and ironman communities are a key focus for Vifit Sport to help establish itself on the world-stage.

Berndt Kodden, managing director of FrieslandCampina Branded NL, is delighted with the partnership: “We are proud that Vifit Sport has become the team’s co-sponsor and nutrition partner for the next three years. With our knowledge of high protein nutrition and the excellence of the Vifit Sport product range we are looking forward enhancing the performance of the BMC-Vifit Sport athletes. Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe, attracting and inspiring athletes of all levels, this is why this sponsorship offers Vifit Sport the perfect platform to increase its visibility.”
Bob De Wolf, CEO of the team spoke of the partnership and its potentials “This is another milestone for the team and will help the team in to reach a new level in performance. FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s largest dairy companies with an exceptional knowledge and expertise in the dairy and protein industry. Our team’s philosophy and vision is to provide maximal professional support for our athletes with the ultimate goal to optimize their performances. The importance of the right recovery and the right nutrition play a crucial role in the daily life of our athletes. We are therefore extremely pleased to be able to start working with Vifit Sport. With years of experience, expertise and innovation in nutrition and recovery are unprecedented, Vifit Sport will play an integral part in our commitment to professionalism and high performance.”
Forming an integral part of the partnership is an emphasis on education and enhancing the nutritional advice for all athletes around the world. Content and advice will be offered on from the team’s leading athletes, nutritionists and coaches covering key recovery and nutritional plans, training tips and insights into performance that have helped drive the team to its successes. 

Lesley Cordial, Director Sports Nutrition, reinforces the motivation behind the partnership and the opportunities available to drive understanding around the benefits of after-sport nutrition “We are very excited to be entering into this partnership with our Vifit Sport brand as we truly believe in the shared values of the team and developing the knowledge and benefits of high protein nutrition. The world of triathlon is growing so fast and we want to be part of developing both the current team at the highest level as well as supporting the next generation of triathletes.”