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Unlock your genetic potential with FitnessGenes
Tailor your fitness to your DNA with a FitnessGenes Genetic Workout System. From a single saliva sample, FitnessGenes analyse 43 genetic variations to identify the exercise, nutrition, and physiological strategies that you are most likely to respond to.

Whether you are looking to kick start your fitness, or are an elite athlete searching for the winning edge, understanding your personal genetic makeup can ensure that you are getting the most from your training and diet.

Each Genetic Workout System includes a full set of reports, a personalised Action Blueprint, and a goal specific workout plan tailored to your DNA.

Your FitnessGenes DNA analysis can help you answer:

  • What training volume and frequency is optimal for me?
  • Am I more suited for endurance or strength activities?
  • How many calories should I consume based on my metabolism?
  • What are my optimal macronutrient ratios?
  • How can I optimise my recovery, blood flow, and testosterone levels?

All of your reports, recommendations and plans are delivered via a live members area, with updates added as the science and their research progresses.

With their own in-house science and training teams on-hand to help you understand your results and a library of genetically tailored plans to follow, unlocking your DNA really is just the start of the journey to a new you.

So if you are looking to get fit, build muscle, or get lean, do it the smart way. No wasted time, and no more guesswork. The only question is, what's your goal?