Fitmo - Your personal trainer at your fingertips

Looking for some guidance or help to reach your goals?

We've teamed up with the awesome coaching portal 'Fitmo' to offer you a personalised coaching experience. Your coach will guide you along the way to your first 10k, half or full length marathon offering workout routines, nutritional plans and of course the support and motivation to get your ass out of bed in the morning. Sounds good?

How do I get started?

Simply, pick a plan below based on your experience, the Fitmo coaches are elite level athletes from all walks of life and cater to athletes just starting out or trying to squeeze the very best out of their sports performance. 2 levels of support are offered by the Fitmo team. You can find out much more, on the Vifit Sport partner page over at

What next? - Simply, choose the coaching level that best suits your needs, download the app and you can get started right away.