About Us

About Us


Every year, more and more people are becoming increasingly active. The number of marathon participants has doubled worldwide in the last 5 years, 45 million people run or jog every day across the globe and the next generation will be the most active EVER. For those committed to healthy living, fitness is not something on a “to do” list, but rather a mindset that’s always on, understanding that training and exercise don’t just happen whilst in motion. Its also as much about how you fuel your body after training because achieving mental and physical fitness goals doesn’t come without commitment.


Vifit Sport shares this attitude, supporting active people of all ages with the inspiration and nutrition you need to progress, providing the protein and other nutrients your body needs to recover quickly after training.

We know that progress is personal. So, no matter what your age or personal fitness ambitions, you just want to be fitter, stronger or faster – in body and mind, and we want to be "the helping hand" in everyone's journey to achieve this goal.  


We understand that what you put into your body should be as natural as possible. All our products are therefore developed with no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colourings or preservatives. Just simply great taste! 

And we also make no crazy promises:  just clear, relevant and down-to-earth products and advice.  Being part of the FrieslandCampina dairy co-operative, we can also guarantee best quality protein. In our factories, casein and whey protein are prepared directly from fresh Dutch milk collected from our own dairy farms.

So, at Vifit Sport, our mission is to help you be better tomorrow than you are today whilst discovering the amazing benefits of protein in an easy, tasty and inspiring way. 


Vifit Sport is a brand new range of recovery products aimed at active sporters looking for a high protein recovery product to support their muscles after exercises. Our product range was developed after years of scientific research, and contain the optimum amount of 20 grams of protein, as well as important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D and potassium and magnesium.

Not only is our range functional, but also delicious and practical with 9 distinct flavours that have been sensory tested to the highest level and available in three handy and practical formats. Regardless of your sport you're sure to find a taste and format that suits your sporting needs. Dig deeper into our range by visiting our shop here.